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These are all the books I offer that I'm sure have to do with Vampires. Some can be found on other pages under their genre, but most are listed only here.

Bergstrom, Elaine - NOCTURNE, Austra Series, Ace,  aln, $3.50+S&H
Byron Cover
Craig Shaw Gardner
Cristopher Golden
Elrod, P. N.
Harris, Charlaine
Hambly, Barbara - THOSE WHO HUNT THE NIGHT, Del Ray Fantasy, stamped, very good/good, 75¢+S&H
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Anita Blake (See also Star Trek and Meredith Gentry)
Hendee, Barb & J. C. - DHAMPIR, ROC,  very good, was $5.00 now $4.00+S&H

Holder, Nancy - See also Angel
Jefferson, Jemiah - WOUNDS, Leisure,
aln,  $3.00+S&H /$2.75
Lumley, Brian - Necroscope, TOR, LN, $4.00+S&H
Massie, Elizabeth
Navarro, Yvonne
Nichles, Jason - IMMORTAL, Zebra, was $2.25 now $2.00+S&H
Rice, Anne - Pandora,
The New Vampire Chronicles, was $3.50 now $3.00+S&H
The Vampire Chronicles, was $4.00 now $3.50 +S&H
Simmons, Dan - Children of the Night, Warner, vg, $3.00+S&H
Somtow, S. P.
Steakley, John - Vampire$, (book John Carpenter's movie Vampires was based on) ROC, 1992, aln, $2.50+S&H
Whedon, Joss
Wright, T. Lucien - Blood Brothers, Pinnacle, vg, was $3.00 now $2.75+S&H

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Anita Blake Vampire Hunter - Laurell K. Hamilton - Author is an "Alternate Historian":
THE LAUGHING CORPSE, ACE - Orig. US Cover Art, very good, $8.00+S&H
circus of the Damned, Orig. US front cover art (no bat on spine), very good, $3.50+S&H
BLUE MOON, Anita, Ace, 1st ED - Orig. US Cover Art, very good/some aging, $8.00+S&H
MICAH - Anita Blake Vampire Hunter - Orig. US Cover Art, Jove, aln-cut in front cover, $7.00+S&H
NARCISSUS IN CHAINS, Anita Blake Vampire Hunter (includes Cerulean Sins preview), Orig. US Cover Art gold/black-doesn't match earlier Orig. PB covers but rather the HB, stamped, very good,  $4.50+S&H

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Angel Created by Joss Whedon:
Gardner, Craig Shaw - DARK MIRROR, Angel, Simon Spotlight, Like New, $2.25+S&H/$2.00
Holder, Nancy - THE ANGEL CHRONICLES Vol. 1: Buffy, Pocket, very good, $1.50+S&H
Holder, Nancy - Angel City of, Novelization of series premier, Pocket Pulse, aln, was $4.00 now $1.00+S&H
Holder, Nancy - not forgotten, Original Novel, Pocket Pulse, LN, $4.00+S&H

Odom, Mel - IMAGE, Angel, Simon Pulse, Like New, $2.25+S&H/$2.00
Odom, Mel - REDEMPTION, Angel, Pocket Pulse, very good, $2.00+S&H

Buffy/Angel - Crossover
Holder, Nancy - HEAT, Buffy/Angel crossover, SSE: Simon Spotlight Entertainment, Like New, was $4.25 now $3.75+S&H/$3.00
Vornholt, John - SEVEN CROWS, Buffy/Angel Crossover, Simon Pulse, Like New, was $6.00 now $5.00+S&H/$4.50
Unseen Series
Holder, Nancy & Jeff Mariotte - THE BURNING, Unseen #1 of 3,
very good,  $3.50+S&H
Holder, Nancy & Jeff Mariotte - DOOR TO ALTERNITY, #2 of 3, Like New,  $4.00+S&H
Holder, Nancy & Jeff Mariotte - LONG WAY HOME, Unseen #3 of 3,
very good/good,  $3.50+S&H

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Created by Joss Whedon:
BLOODED #5, Golden, Christopher & Nancy Holder, Pocket, very good, $3.00+S&H
COYOTE MOON #3 (Vornholt, John) Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Archway, very good, $2.50+S&H
HALLOWEEN RAIN  #2 (Golden, Christopher & Nancy Holder) $2.25 +S&H
NIGHT OF THE LIVING RERUN, Byron Cover, Buffy #4, Archway, Like New, $2.25+S&H/$2.00
THE XANDER YEARS VOL. 1 - DeCandido, Keith R. A., stamped, very good, $2.25+S&H
THE WILLOW FILES Vol. 2, - Navarro, Yvonne, Pocket Pulse, very good, $1.00+S&H

  • Boris, Cynthia - BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER QUIZ BOOK, Pocket Pulse, color photo insert, very good $2.00+S&H/$1.75

Original Novels:
(THE) ANGEL CHRONICLES Volume 2, Tankersley, Richie, very good, $2.50+S&H
(THE) BOOK OF FOURS, Holder, Nancy, Pocket,
aln, $5.00+S&H
DEEP WATER, Gilman, Laura Anne & Josepha Sherman, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, very good,  was $2.50 now $2.25+S&H
Doomsday Deck (Diana G. Gallagher), vg, $3.00+S&H
THE) EVIL THAT MEN DO, Nancy Holder, Simon Pulse, stamped, very good was $2.00 now $1.75+S&H/$1.50
GHOUL TROUBLE, Passarella, John,  very good, $3.00+S&H
HERE BE MONSTERS, Dokey, Cameron, very good, $3.00+S&H
IMMORTAL, Golden, Christopher & Nancy Holden, Pocket,
aln, $3.25+S&H
Night of the Living Rerun (Byron Cover) #4, Like New, was $3.00 now $2.00+S&H
OZ INTO THE WILD, Christopher Golden, Simon Pulse, stamped, very good was $2.00 now $1.75+S&H/$1.50
PALEO, Navarro, Yvonne,
very good, $3.00+S&H
POWER OF PERSUASION - Massie, Elizabeth, Buffy, Simon Pulse, Like New, $2.25+S&H/$2.00
Prime Evil (Diana G. Gallagher), vg, was $3.00 now $2.75+S&H
RESURRECTING RAVANA, Garton, Ray, very good, $3.00+S&H

 very good, was $2.50 now $1.75+S&H
Visitors (Laura Ann Gilman & Josepha Sherman), vg, $2.50+S&H

The Gatekeeper Trilogy - Christopher Golden & Nancy Holder
OUT OF THE MADHOUSE # 1,  very good, was $3.50 now $3+S&H/$2.00
GHOST ROADS #2,very good, was $2.75 now $2.50+S&H
 very good, was $3.50 now $3+S&H$2.00

Buffy: The Lost Slayer - Christopher Golden
Like New, $3.50+S&H
Like New, $3.50+S&H
Like New, $3.50+S&H
Like New, $3.50+S&H
or (if still available) SET OF ALL 4 PRICE $13.00+S&H

Christopher Golden - Buffy: The Lost Slayer - #3 KING OF THE DEAD, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢

Southern Vampire/Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood Novel/Mystery - Charlaine Harris:
Harris, Charlaine - DEAD TO THE WORLD, ACE, aln, $7.00+S&H

Valentine - S. P. Somtow:
VALENTINE, Valentine stories #2, TOR  very good, was $4.00 now $3.00+S&H
VANITAS, Valentine stories #3, TOR  very good, was $4.00 now $3.00+S&H
VAMPIRE JUNCTION, Valentine stories #1, TOR  very good, was $4.00 now $3.00+S&H
or (if still available) SET OF ALL 3 PRICE $8.00+S&H

Vampire Files - P. N. Elrod:
BLOODLIST, #1 The Vampire Files, ACE, very good/good, $1.00+S&H
THE DARK SLEEP, Vampire Files, aln, $4.00+S&H
A CHILL IN THE BLOOD, The Vampire Files, Ace, 
aln,  $4.00+S&H

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