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Includes Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Tech
Anthologies listed below separately

Most multiple titles in series in stock are no longer listed here - check out the science fiction series page. Only series I have only one of are listed here.

Check out the TV/Movie page if book has been made into (or from) a screen or teleplay.

Deathlands listed under Action.

Outlanders listed under Action.

See also Vampires

Anderson, Kevin J. - FANTASTIC VOYAGE MICROCOSM, Onyx, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Anderson, Kevin J. - Jedi Search, #1 Jedi Academy Trilogy, Bantam, aln, $3.00+S&H
Anderson, Poul - FIRE TIME, Del Ray, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Anderson, Poul - THE HIGH CRUSADE, Berkley, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Anderson, Poul and Karen - THE KING OF YS: GALLICENAE, Baen,  very good,  $2.00+S&H
Anderson, Poul - THE PEREGRINE, ACE, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Anderson, Poul - TALES OF THE FLYING MOUNTAINS, TOR, stamped, very good,  $1.00+S&H
Anthony, Piers - 3 Complete Xanth Novels - A Spell for Chameleon, The Source of Magic, Castle Roogna, hardbound w/dust jacket, Wings, Like New, 6x10", $10.00 shipping included.
Anthony, Piers - HARD SELL, ACE,  very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Anthony, Piers - ON A PALE HORSE, Book One: Incantations of Immorality, Del Ray, very good was $1.00 now $.75+S&H/$.50
Armstrong, Kelly - BITTEN, Women of the Otherworld, Like New, $3.50+S&H
Armstrong, Kelly - STOLEN, Women of the Otherworld, Like New, $3.50+S&H
Baen, Jim (ed.) - NEW DESTINIES, Paperback Mag., Baen, very good,  $1.00+S&H
Bova, Ben - BATTLE STATION, TOR, stamped, very good,  $1.00+S&H
Bova, Ben - THE DUELING MACHINE, Berkley, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Bova, Ben - FUTURE CRIME $2.00+S&H
Bova, Ben - MILLENNIUM, Del Ray, very good, was $1.00 now 75¢+S&H/50¢
Bova, Ben - The Multiple Man, Del Ray, very good, $1.50+S&H
Bova, Ben - The Starcrossed, TOR, library discard stamped, very good, $1.50+S&H
Bova, Ben - THE STARCROSSED, ACE, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Bova, Ben - VOYAGERS, Bantam, very good, $1.75+S&H
Bradbury, Ray - THE TOYNBEE CONVECTOR (Short Stories), Bantam stamped, very good, $2.00+S&H
Bradley, Marion Zimmer - WEB OF LIGHT, Pocket Timescape,  very good for age,  $1.25+S&H
Briggs, Patricia - CRY WOLF, Alpha and Omega, Like New, $3.75+S&H
Brunner, John - BORN UNDER MARS, ACE, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Burroughs, Edgar Rice - see collectors page also
Butcher, Jim
Caidin, Martin - STAR BRIGHT, Golden Apple, stamped, very good/good, $1.00+S&H
Callander, Don - Pyromancer, #1, $2.25+S&H
Chalker, Jack L. - SHADOW OF THE WELL OF SOULS, Book 2 The Watchers at the Well, Del Ray, very good $2.00+S&H/$1.75
Chalker, Jack L. - Lords of the Middle Dark #1 Rings of the Master $1.75+S&H (see also Four Lords of the Diamond)
Campbell, Ramsey - THE NAMELESS, Tor, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Cherryh, C. J. & Mercedes Lackey - REAP THE WHIRLWIND, Baen, very good, $3.00+S&H/$2.00
Chrichton, Michael - TIMELINE, Ballentine,  very good, $2.00+S&H/$1.25
Clarke, Arthur C. - THE SONGS OF DISTANT EARTH, Ballantine, stampedvery good,  $1.00+S&H
Cook, Rick- The Wiz Biz, Published in parts a Wizard's Bane & The Wizardry Compiled. First unitary edition, $6.50+S&H
Cook, Robin - MUTATION, Berkley, very good, $1.50+S&H
Cook, Robin - TERMINAL, Berkley, very good, $1.50+S&H
Cook, Robin - TOXIN, Berkley, very good, $1.50+S&H
Cussler, Clive With Paul Kemprecos - BLUE GOLD - NUMA files, stamped, very good, $2.50+S&H
Cussler, Clive
Darlton, Clark - Perry Rhodan SPYBOT! #53 was $1 now $.75+S&/5
David, Peter
Davidson, Avram - CLASH OF STAR-KINGS, ACE, very good, was $1 now $.75+S&/5
DeChancie, John
Dietz, William C. - BY FORCE OF ARMS, Ace,  very good,  75¢+S&H
Dunn, Philip - THE EVANGELIST, The Cabal 3, Berkley, very good,  $1.00+S&H
Estes, Rose
Emmerich, Roland
Farmer, Philip Jose - HADON OF ANCIENT OPAR $1.00+S&H Go to Riverworld
Fontana, D. C. - THE QUESTOR TAPES, Del Ray based on TV Pilot by same name - teleplay by Gene Roddenberry & Gene L. Coon,  stamped, very good, $2.00+S&H/$1.25
Forstchen, William R. - ARTICLE 23very good,  $1.00+S&H
Foster, Alan Dean - THE MAN WHO USED THE UNIVERSE, very good,  $.75+S&H
Foster, Alan Dean - Quozl, Ace, very good, was $2.25 now $2.00+S&H
Gaiman, Neil & Terry Pratchett - GOOD OMENS, ACE, aln, $4.00+S&H
Gaiman, Neil & Ed Kramer (Ed) - THE SANDMAN BOOK OF DREAMS, Harper Torch, very good $4.00+S&H/$3.75
Goldin, Stephen - THE ETERNITY BRIGADE, 1st Fawcett Crest Gold Medal Printing 1980,  very good but with cover tears near spine,  $2.00+S&H
Goldin, Stephen - MIND FLIGHT, Fawcett Crest, stamped, very good/good, was $1 now $.75+S&/5
Goodin, Jeffrey - Blood of the Wolf, Lycanthropy, Leisure, very good, $2.00+S&H
Gordon, Stuart - FIRE IN THE ABYSS, Berkley stamped, very good, 75¢+S&H
Hambly, Barbara
Hambly, Barbara - THE SILICON MAGE, Del Ray,
stamped, very good/good, was $1.50 now $1.00+S&H/75¢
Hamilton, Laurell K. (see also Anita Blake, Meredith Gentry and Star Trek)
Hawke, Simon - PSYCHODROME #1, ACE, very good,  $1.00+S&H
Harrison, Kim - DEAD WITCH WALKING, Rachel Morgan Series, very good, $3.50+S&H
Harper, Tara K. - GRAYHEART, stampedvery good,  was $2.75 now $2.50+S&H
Harper, Tara K. - SHADOW LEADER, Ballantine/Del Ray, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Harper, Tara K. - WOLFWALKER #1, DEL RAY, stamped,
very good, $3.00+S&H
Harper, Steven
Herbert, Frank
Herbert, Frank - THE GODMAKERS,  stamped, very good,  $1.00+S&H
Herbert, Frank - UNDER PRESSURE,  stamped, very good,  $1.00+S&H
Hogan, James P. - INHERIT THE STARS, Del Ray,
very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Huff, Tanya - CHILD OF THE GROVE, Daw,  very good,  $2.75+S&H
Jurasic, Peter & William H. Keith, Jr. - DIPLOMATIC ACT,  almost like new,  $3.25+S&H

Kessel, John - ANOTHER ORPHAN/Longyear, Barry B. - ENEMY MINE, TOR Double Novel No. 6, stamped, very good/good, $1.75+S&H
King, Stephen - CHRISTINE (w/movie photos), Signet, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
King, Stephen - NIGHT SHIFT (Short Stories), Signet, stamped, very good/good, $1.00+S&H
King, Stephen - THE STAND, Signet - 1st printing 1980, stamped, very good/good, $3.00+S&H
Koontz, Dean - DEMON SEED, Berkley, stamped, very good/good, $1.50+S&H
Kube-McDowell, Michael P. - EMPRISE, Book One of the Trigon Disunity, ACE,  very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Lackey, Mercedes - THE FIRE ROSE (retelling of the classic Beauty and the Beast folklore/fable), Baen, very good,  $2.00+S&H
Lackey, Mercedes - JOUST, DAW, aln, $4.00+S&H
Lackey, Mercedes - THE OATHBOUND, Book I: Vows and Honorvery good,  $2.75+S&H
- The Robin & The Kestrel, Bardic Voices Book II, Baen, very good, $3.00+S&H
Lackey, Mercedes - STORM WARNING, Book One of The Mage Storms stamped good,  was $3.00 now $2.00+S&H
Laymon, Richard - AMONG THE MISSING, Leisure 1st ED
, stamped, very good (been wet/no stains),  $2.25+S&H/$2.00
Laymon, Richard - ISLAND, Leisure, aln, $2.00+S&H
LeGuin, Ursula K.
Longyear, Barry B.- see Kessel
Luceno, James - MEMORIES END,
Web Warriors, Del Ray, very good, $1.00+S&H
Lumley, Brian - BLOOD BROTHERS, TOR, stamped, very good $2.00+S&H/$1.50
Lumley, Brian - HERO OF DREAMS, Dreamlands #1, TOR, very good, $2.00+S&H
McCarthy, Kevin w/David Silva - INTO THE DARKNESS, The Family Book 2, DAW, aln,  $2.00+S&H
Morris, Dave - THE EYE OF THE DRAGON, Golden Dragon Fantasy Gamebooks 4, very good,  $1.00+S&H
Norton, Andre - THE OPAL-EYED FAN, Fawcett,  very good,  $1.00+S&H

Norton, Andre - THREE AGAINST THE WITCH WORLD Beyond the Mind Barrier, ACE, appears to be first edition 1965, illustrated by Jack Gaughan,  slightly smaller than standard paperback, stamped, very good/yellowing, $1.00+S&H
Norton, Andre - STAR BORN, stamped, very good,  $1.00+S&H
Peters, David
Platt, Charles - PLASM, Piers Anthony's World of Chthon, Signet, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Preston, Douglas & Lincoln Child - THE RELIC, TOR, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Robinson, Kim Stanley - THE BLIND GEOMETER (bonus novelette THE RETURN FROM RAINBOW BRIDGE)/LeGuin, Ursula K. - THE NEW ATLANTIS, TOR Double Novel No. 13, very good, $1.00+S&H
Sirling (Terminator)
Silverberg, Robert - THE MAN IN THE MAZE, Avon, very good, $1.00+S&H
Simmons, Dan - CARRION COMFORT, Warner, very good/good: title page to page 3 missing, $2.00+S&H/$1.50
Simmons, Dan - Children of the Night, Warner, very good, $3.00+S&H
Shetterly, Will - WITCH BLOOD, ACE, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Shinn, Sharon -  JENNA STARBORN (retelling of the classic Jane Eyre), Author is an "Alternate Historian", ACE, aln, was $3.50 now $3.00+S&H
Shinn, Sharon - Wrapt in Crystal,  Author is an "Alternate Historian", Ace, Like New, was $5.00, now $3.50+S&H
Somtow, S. P. - RIVERRUN, very good $2.00+S&H
Steakley, John

Tilley, Patrick - CLOUD WARRIOR, Baen, very good,  $1.00+S&H
York, J. Steven - CROSSROADS, Generation X, stamped, very good/good, $3.50+S&H

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ALPHA 9 - Silverberg, Robert (ed.): Robert Sheckley, Joanna Russ, Clifford D. Simak, Fred Saberhagen, Walter M. Miller, Jr., Kate Wilhelm, Philip Jose Farmer, Michael Shaara, Berkley Medallion Science Fiction (SF), very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
BATTLESTATION BOOK ONE - Drake, David & Bill Fawcett (Ed.), Mike Resnick, Steve Perry, Janet Morris, Barbara Delaplace, Christopher Stasheff, S. N. Lewitt, Jody Lynn Nye, S. M. Stirling, Judith R. Conly, Robert Sheckley, ACE, very good, $1.00+S&H
SPACE STATIONS, Edited by Martin H. Greenberg & John Helfers - (Timothy Zahn, Aland Dean Foster, James Cobb, Robert J. Sawyer, Julie E. Czerneda, Pamela Sargent, Jean Rabe, Brendan Dubois, Russel Davis, Michael Stackpole, Irene Radford, Eric Kotani, Jack Williamson, Gregory Benford), DAW, Like New, $1.75+S&H/$1.50
TOMORROW BITES, Baen, Lycanthropy Anthology, Cox, Greg, T. K. F. Weisskopf, Michael Flynn, Poul Anderson, James Blish, Larry Niven, Jane Mailander, Clark Ashton Smith, Michael Swanwick, Gene Wolfe, John J. Ordover, A. Bertram Chandler, & Garcia y Robertson, very good,  $2.75+S&H
The War Years - THE FAR STARS WAR, ed Bill Fawcett,
featuring David Drake, Todd Johnson, Peter Morwood, Robert Sheckley, Jody Lynn Nye, Steve Perry, Elizabeth Moon, Bill Fawcett, William Dietz, Rick Shelley, Dianne Duane, ROC,  very good,  $1.00+S&H

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