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Anthologies listed below

Allister, Barbara - A LOVE MATCH, Signet, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Ashfield, Helen - THE LOVING HIGHWAYMAN, Fawcett Crest, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Ashley, Rebecca - RUINS AND ROMANCE, Fa
wcett Crest, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Barbour, Anne - LADY LIZA'S LUCK very good, stamped, $2.00+S&H/$1.50
Barbour Anne - MY COUSIN JANE, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Bell, Donna - THE FIRST WALTZ, aln, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Bell, Donna - WORDS OF LOVE, Zebra, stamped, very good,  $1.00+S&H/75¢
Bennett, Janice - A Dangerous Intrigue, Zebra, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Bennett, Janice - THE MOONLIGHT WISH, Zebra, very good,  $1.00+S&H/75¢
Blair, Catherine - THE HERO RETURNS, Zebra, stampedvery good,  $1.75+S&H
Blythe, Leonora - FELICIA, Fawcett Crest, stamped, very good,  $1.25+S&H
Boucher, Rita - THE DEVIL'S DUE, very good, stamped, $2.25+S&H
Boucher, Rita - THE POET AND THE PARAGON, Signet, aln, $2.00+S&H
Brooks, Caroline - THE RUNAWAY PRINCESS, very good, stamped, $1.25+S&H/$1.00
Bryan, Beth - WHAT LUCINDA LEARNED, very good, stamped,  $1.50+S&H
Buck, Gayle - CASSANDRA'S DECEPTION, Signet, Like New,  $2.25+S&H
Buck, Gayle - LORD RATHBONE'S FLIRT, Signet,
very good,  $1.50+S&H
Buck, Gayle - THE RIGHTEOUS RAKESHELL,  very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Butler, Nancy - KEEPER OF THE SWANS, Signet,
very goodstamped,  $2.50+S&H
Cameron, Miranda - THE MEDDLESOME HEIRESS, Signet, stamped, very good/good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Cameron, Miranda - THE RELUCTANT ABIGAIL, Signet, good, $1.00+S&H
Calvin, June - THE BARON AND THE BOOKSELLER, Signet, stampedvery good,  $2.00+S&H
Calvin, June - THE DUKE'S DESIRE,
Signet, very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
stamped, very good,  $2.00+S&H
Chadwick, Cleo - MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S KISS, Zebra Holiday, very good,  $1.00+S&H/75¢
Chater, Elizabeth - ANGELA, Coventry #167, very good, $2.50+S&H
Chater, Elizabeth - THE GAMESTER, very good, $1.25+S&H
Chater, Elizabeh - MISS CAYLEY'S UNICORN, very good, $1.25+S&H
Chesney, Marion - THE GHOST AND LADY ALICE/DUKE'S DIAMONDS, Fawcett Crest, stamped, very good, $1.50+S&H
Chesney, Marion - A GOVERNESS OF DISTINCTION, very good, stamped, was $2.00 now $1.00+S&H
Chesney, Marion - THE HIGHLAND COUNTESS, Signet,
stamped, very good, $1.50+S&H
Chesney, Marion - LESSONS IN LOVE, Fawcett Crest, very good, $1.00+S&H
Fawcett Crest, stamped, very good/good, $2.50+S&H
Chesney, Marion
(writing as Jennie Tremaine) - MOLLY, very good, $2.00+S&H
Chesney, Marion - PENELOPE, St. Martin's Press, very good, $2.00+S&H
Chesney, Marion - THE PERFECT GENTLEMAN, very good, $1.75+S&H
Chesney, Marion (writing as Jennie Tremaine) - POPPY, Dell,
stamped, very good, $1.75+S&H
Chesney, Marion - THE VISCOUNT'S REVENGE, SIGNET, stamped, very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Clark, Norma Lee - MALLORY, Fawcett Crest,
stamped, very good,  $2.00+S&H
Clary, Sydney Ann - THE DUCHESS AND THE DEVIL, Zebra, very good,  $1.00+S&H /75¢
Clay, Marilyn - THE UNSUITABLE SUITOR, Zebra, aln, $1.25+S&H
Collum, Lynn - LADY MIRANDA'S MASQUERADE, Zebra, very good,  $1.00+S&H/75¢
Coleman, Patricia - DARING DECEPTIONS, Fawcett Crest, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Cornick, Nicola - THE VIRTUOUS CYPRIAN, HAR REG, very good,  $1.00+S&H/75¢
Like New,  $1.00+S&H/75¢
Coulter, Catherine - THE REBEL BRIDE, Signet, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Courtney, Caroline - THE TEMPESTUOUS AFFAIR, #14 Warner, marker on ft cover, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Cummings, Monette - LADY SHIELD'S GROOM, Zebra,  stampedvery good,  $1.75+S&H
Cummings, Monette - ROYAL CONSPIRACY, Pageant,  stampedvery good,  $1.75+S&H
Cunliffe, Corinna - HAND OF FORTUNE, Signet,
stamped, very good/good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Daly, Saralyn - LOVE'S JOY, LOVE'S PAIN, stamped, $1.25+S&H
Daniel, Megan - THE SENSIBLE COURTSHIP, Signet,
very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Danton, Rebecca- FIRE OPALS, good $1.00+S&H/75¢
Davidson, Donna - ELIZABETH'S GIFT, Signet, GQ/FTinP,
stamped, very good, $2.00+S&H
DesJardien, Teresa - HAUNTED HEARTS, Zebra, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
DesJardien, Teresa - THE WINSOME WIDOW, aln, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Devon, Georgina - AN UNCOMMON INTRIGUE, Zebra, stamped, very good,  $1.50+S&H
Devon, Marion - MISTLETOE AND FOLLY, very good, $2.00+S&H
Diamond, Jacqueline - The Forgetful Lady, Warner, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Donley, Dorothea - GENTLEMAN'S CHOICE, Zebra, stamped, very good,  $2.25+S&H
Donnelly, Shannon - UNDER THE KISSING BOUGH, Zebra, Like New,  $1.00+S&H/75¢
Downie, Jill - DARK LIAISONS, PaperJacks/Historical, stamped, very good, $1.75+S&H
Eagle, Sarah - THE BEDEVILED BARON, Jove, stamped, very good,  $2.00+S&H
Eastwood, Gail - THE MAGNIFICENT MARQUESS, Signet,  very good,  $2.75+S&H
Eckert, Roberta - MY LADY ADVENTURESS, Sigent, very good, $2.00+S&H
Edghill, Rosemary - FLEETING FANCY, Fawcett,
stamped, very good, $2.00+S&H
Edghill, Rosemary - THE ILL-BRED BRIDE, Fawcett Crest, very good, $3.00+S&H
Edwards, Rachelle - LORD TRENTON'S PROPOSAL, Fawcett Crest,
stamped, very good,  $2.50+S&H
Edwards, Rachelle - LUCIFER'S LADY, very good, $1.50
Edwards, Rachelle - MARYLEBONE PARK, very good, $2.00+S&h
Edwards, Rachelle - THE RAKE'S REVENGE, Fawcett Crest,
stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Eastwood, Gail - THE PERSISTENT EARL, Signet, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Ellis, Delia - A LADY OF BREEDING, Fawcett, stamped, very good, $2.25+S&H
Fairchild, Elisabeth - LORD RAMSAY'S RETURN, Signet,
very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Farrell, Marjorie - HEARTLESS LORD HARRY, Signet,
stamped, very good,  $2.00+S&H
Farrell, Marjorie - LORD ASHFORD'S WAGER, Signet, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Feather, Jane - Love's Charade, Zebra,  stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Fitzerald, Ellen - THE IRISH HEIRESS,  very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Fitzgerald, Ellen - An Unwelcome Alliance, Signet, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Fitzgerald, Ellen - VENETIAN MASQUERADE, very good, stamped, $1.25+S&H
Freeman, Joy - A SUITABLE MATCH, Signet, very good/good, 75¢+S&H
Gallant, Jennie - Thick as Thieves, Fawcett Crest, stamped, very good, was $3.00 now $2.00+S&H/$1.25
Gedney, Mona - A DANGEROUS AFFAIR, Zebra,
very good, $1.50+S&H
Gilbert, Anna - THE LEAVE TAKING, Gothic,  very good, stamped, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Gluyas, Constance - THE HOUSE ON TWYFORD STREET, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Gray, Vanessa - BEST-LAID PLANS, Signet, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Gray, Vanessa - THE LOST LEGACY, Signet, stamped, very good, $1.75+S&H
Gray, Vanessa - THE ORPHAN'S DISGUISE, Signet, stamped, very good,  $1.55+S&H
Grey, Gorgina - FRANKLIN'S FOLLY, Fawcett Crest/Coventry #23, very good/
good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Greenlea, Denice - THE ARDENT SUITOR,  very good,  $1.00+S&H/75¢
Grey, Georgina - THE HESITANT HEIR, very good, stamped, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Hamilton, Violet - A SCANDALOUS PORTRAIT, Zebra,
stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Hamilton, Violet - FABIA'S CHOICE, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Harbaugh, Karen - CUPID'S KISS, Signet, stamped, very good, $3.00+S&H
Hazard, Barbara - BETH, Fawcett Crest,
stamped, very good/good, $1.50+S&H
Hazard, Barbara - THE DREADFUL DUKE, Signet
, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Hazard, Barbara - MONDAY'S CHILD, almost like new, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Hazard, Barbara - THE RAKE'S PROTEGEE, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Heath, Sandra - A CHRISTMAS COURTSHIP, Signet, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Heath, Sandra -  COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE, very good,  $1.50+S&H
Heath, Sandra - A COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE, Signet,
stamped, very good, $2.00+S&H
Heath, Sandra- A COUNTRY COTILLION, Signet (Guarantee of Quality/FTP on cover), very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Heath, Sandra - AN IMPOSSIBLE CONFESSION, very good,  $1.75+S&H
Heath, Sandra - MANNERBY'S LADY, Signet, very good,  $1.25+S&H
Heath, Sandra - A PERFECT LIKENESS, Signet, stamped, very good, $2.00+S&H
Heath, Sandra - A Scandalous Publication, Signet, aln, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Heath, Sandra - SHERBORNE SAPPHIRES, Signet, stamped, good, $1.00+S&H
Heland, Victoria - MAYFAIR WAGER, Jove, very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Hendrickson, Emily - A PERFECT PERFORMANCE, Signet,  very good,  $1.00+S&H/75¢
Hendrickson, Emily - QUEEN OF THE MAY, Signet, stamped, very good, 75¢+S&H
Hewitt, Elizabeth - FALSE OF HEART, Signet,
stamped, very good,  $2.25+S&H
Hewitt, Elizabeth - A Lasting Attachment, Signet, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Hewitt, Elizabeth - MARRIAGE BY CONSENT, Signet, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Heyer, Georgette - AN INFAMOUS ARMY, Signet, very good, $1.00+S&H
Hocker, Karla - A SCANDALOUS LADY, Zebra,
stamped, very good,  $2.00+S&H
Hoyle, Coral - THE ART OF THE HUNT, #31179 HAR, very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Huntington, Kate - A ROGUE FOR CHRISTMAS, Zebra,
stamped, very good,  $2.00+S&H
Jackson, Elizabeth - ROGUE'S DELIGHT, Signet,
stamped, very good,  $2.00+S&H
James, Sally - HEIR TO ROWANLEA, Fawcett Coventry #107,
very goodstamped,  $1.50+S&H
Jeffries, Julia - THE CLERGYMAN'S DAUGHTER, Signet,
very goodstamped,  $1.40+S&H
Justiss, Julia - A SCANDALOUS PROPOSAL, HAR Hist Regency,
very goodstamped,  $1.00+S&H/75¢
Kasey, Michelle - THE RUTHLESS LORD RULE, Signet, stamped, very good/good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Kearny, Jillian - AGENT OF LOVE, Warner Library #4,  very good,  $1.00+S&H/75¢
Kennard, Christie - FAMOUS MISS FEVERSHAM, Avon
, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Kerstan, Lynn - LORD DRAGONER'S WIFE, Signet, stampedvery good,  $2.75+S&H
Kidd, Elisabeth - MY LADY MISCHIEF, Signet, very good, $2.00+S&H
Kihlstrom, April - DANGEROUS MASQUERADE, Signet,
very good,  $1.00+S&H /75¢
Kingsley, Katherine - HONOR'S WAY, Signet,
stamped, very good,  $2.00+S&H
was $1.00 now 75¢+S&H
Lane, Allison - DOUBLE DECEIT, Signet,
Like New,  $2.25+S&H
Law, Elizabeth - DOUBLE DECEPTION, Zebra,  very good,  $1.00+S&H/75¢
Layton, Edith - THE DISDAINFUL MARQUIS, Signet, very good/good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Lee, Lydia - THE IMPETUOUS PANDORA, Jove, very good,  $1.00+S&H/75¢
Leigh, Juliette - SHERRY'S COMET, Zebra, 
stamped, very good,  75¢+S&H/50¢
Lincoln, Lillian - THE BELLWOOD TREASURE, Fawcett Crest, stamped, very good, $1.50+S&H
Lindsey, Dawn - THE TALISMAN, Signet, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Lynn, Leslie - THE DUKE'S DECEIT $1.00+S&H/75¢
Lynn, Leslie - THE RAKE'S REDEMPTION, Fawcett Crest, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Lynn, Leslie - SCANDAL'S CHILD, Fawcett, very good,  $1.00+S&H/75¢
Mack, Dorothy - THE BLACKMAILED BRIDGEROOM, Signet, very good/good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Mack, Dorothy - THE MOCK MARRIAGE, Signet, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
MacKeever, Maggie - LADY BLISS, Fawcett Crest, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
MacKeever, Maggie - LADY SHERRY AND THE HIGHWAYMAN, Fawcett Crest, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Malcolm, Anthea - THE COUNTERFEIT HEART, Zebra, very good,  $1.00+S&H/75¢
Mansfield, Elizabeth - THE FROST FAIR, Berkley, very good/been wet, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Martin, Caroline - CAPTAIN BLACK, Masquerade #57, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Matthews, Laura - ALICIA, Signet, very good, $1.10+S&H
Matthews, Laura - THE ARDENT LADY AMELIA, Signet, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Mayhew, Margaret - REGENCY CHARADE, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Maxwell, Emily - THE WICKED COUNT, very good, stamped, $1.50+S&H
McRae, Melinda - A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE WIDOW, Signet, very good, $1.25+S&H
McRae, Melinda - LADY LEPRECHAUN, Signet, stamped, very good,  $2.25+S&H
McRae, Melinda - AN UNLIKELY ATTRACTION, Signet (Guarantee of Quality/FTP on front cover, very good, $1.25+S&H
, Signet, very good, $2.00+S&H
Michaels, Elizabeth - THE CYNIC, HAR #83, very good,  $1.00+S&H/75¢
Michaels, Kasey - THE CHAOTIC MISS CRISPINO $2.00+S&h
Michaels, Kasey - THE RAMBUNCTIOUS LADY ROYSTON $1.00+S&H/75¢
Michaels, Susan - AN INFAMOUS FIASCO, Warner, very good,  $1.00+S&H/75¢
Mills, Anita - Duel of Hearts, Signet, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Milne, Roseleen - BARROWED PLUMES was $1.75 now $1.00+S&H/75¢
Oliver, Patricia - BROKEN PROMISES, Signet
, very good,  $1.25+S&H
Oliver, Patricia - DAPHNE'S DIARY, Signet, stamped, very good, $1.50+S&H
Overfield, Joan E. - BRIDE'S LEAP, Fawcett Crest,
stamped, very good (ft cvr corner missing),  $2.50+S&H
Overfield, Joan E. - CHARLESTON TANGLE (Am. Reg.) $1.50+S&h
Overfield, Joan - THE JOURNALS OF LADY X, Pageant,
stamped, very good, $1.50+S&H
Overfield, Joan - THE VISCOUNT'S VIXEN, aln, $2.00+S&H
Parks, Julia - THE DEVIL AND MISS WEBSTER, Zebra, Like New,  $1.00+S&H
Peters, Clarice - THE FALSE BETROTHAL, Fawcett Crest,
stamped, very good/good, $1.50+S&H
Pianka, Phillis Taylor - A COVENTRY COURTSHIP, #31180 HAR, very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Porter, Margaret Evans - DANGEROUS DIVERSIONS, Signet, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Porter, Nina - HIS LORDSHIP'S FILLY, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Putney, Mary Jo - THE RAKE AND THE REFORMER, Signet, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Radcliffe, Janette - THE TOPAZ CHARM, Candlelight #206,
stamped, very good,  $1.00+S&H /75¢
Raleigh, Debbie - A BRIDE FOR LORD WICKTON, Zebra
, stamped, Library Discard, very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Raleigh, Debbie - THE CHRISTMAS WISH, Zebra, Like New,  $1.00+S&H/75¢
Rasley, Alicia - A ROYAL ESCAPADE, Zebra, very good,  $1.00+S&H /75¢

Rettke, Marion Pope - GEORGIANA, Jove, good, $1.00+S&H
Richardson, Evelyn - THE BLUESTOCKING'S DILEMMA, Signet, aln, $1.25+S&H
Rice, Patricia - THE GENUINE ARTICLE, Signet Regency, very good,  $2.00+S&H
Richardson, Evelyn - MY WAYWARD LADY, Signet, very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Roberts, Janet Louise - MY LADY MISCHIEF, Dell,
stamped, very good,  $1.75+S&H
Roberts, Meg Lynn - AN ALLURING LADY, Zebra, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Robins, Madeline - THE HEIRESS COMPANION, Fawcett, very good, $1.75+S&H
Rossiter, Clare - GALLIARD'S HAY $1.00+S&H/75¢
Saunders, Irene - THE DOWAGER'S DILEMMA, Signet, good, $1.00+S&H
Saunders, Irene - LACES FOR A LADY $1.75+S&H
Saunders, Irene - TALK OF THE TOWN, Signet, very good, $1.25+S&H
Scott, Amanda - AN AFFAIR OF HONOR $1.25+S&H
Scott, Amanda - BATH CHARADE, Signet, Guarantee of Quality/FTP on ft cvr,
very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Scott, Amanda - THE BATH ECCENTRIC'S SON, Signet, very good,  $1.25+S&H
Scott, Amanda - LADY MERIEL'S DUTY, Signet,  stamped, very good,  $1.25+S&H
Scott, Regina - THE UNFLAPPABLE MIS FAIRCHILD, Zebra, aln, $1.25+S&H
Sherrod, Barbara - THE PLAYERS, Warner, stamped, very good, $1.65+S&H
Simonson, Sheila - LOVE AND FOLLY, Zebra,
stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Smith, Joan - BEHOLD, A MYSTERY!, Fawcett, stamped, very good, $2.25+S&H
Smith, Joan - AN AFFAIR OF THE HEART $1.15+S&H
Smith Joan - THE HERMIT'S DAUGHTER $1.50+S&H
Smith, Joan - LA COMTESSE, Fawcett, very good, $1.50+S&H
Smith, Joan - LADY MADELINE'S FOLLY, Fawcett Crest, 
stamped, very good,  $1.25+S&H
Smith, Joan - LOVERS' QUARRELS $1.75+S&H
Smith, Joan - JENNIE KISSED ME, Fawcett Crest, stamped, very good,  $2.25+S&H
Smith, Joan - A KISS IN THE DARK, Fawcett Crest, very good, $1.00+S&H
Smith, Joan - OLD LOVER'S GHOST, Fawcett Crest, stamped, very good, 75¢+S&H
Smith, Joan - THE ROYAL SCAMP, Fawcett Crest, stamped, very good, 75¢+S&H
Smith, Joan - ROYAL REVELS, very good, $1.00+S&H
Smith, Joan - TEA & SCANDAL, Fawcett Crest
, stamped, very good,  $2.50+S&H
Smith, Joan - WINTER WEDDING, Fawcett Crest,
very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Stewart, Lois - Romantic Masquerade, Zebra, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Stewart, Lois - AN UNCOMMON AFFAIR, Zebra, very good,  $1.00+S&H/75¢
Stewart, Lucy Phillips - DESTINY'S BRIDE,  very good for age,  $1.00+S&H /75¢

Summerville, Margaret - THE IMPROPER PLAYWRIGHT, Signet,
stamped, very good,  $2.25+S&H
Summerville, Margaret - Knave's Gambit, Signet, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Sumner, Olivia - AN IMPROPER ALLIANCE, Zebra, stampedvery good,  $2.25+S&H
Sumner, Olivia - LORD DEVLIN'S DILEMMA, Signet, Like New,  $2.25+S&H
Suson, Marlene - THE DUKE'S REVENGE,
very good, $2.00+S&H
Talbot, Katherine - PHILIPPA, #3 Warner
, very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Tetel, Julie - THE TEMPORARY BRIDE $1.00+S&H/75¢
Thorpe, Sylvia - THE SWORD AND THE SHADOW, $1.00
Tremaine, Jennie  - see Marion Chesney
Thorpe, Sylvia - SWORD OF VENGEANCE $1.00+S&H/75¢
Tucker, Helen - THE LADY'S FANCY, Leisure, stamped, very good,  $2.25+S&H
Tucker, Helen - A MISTRESS TO THE REGENT, Coventry #24, very good, $1.50+S&H
Tucker, Helen - A STRANGE AND ILL-STARRED MARRIAGE, Fawcett Crest, very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Veryan, Patricia - LANTERNS, Fawcett Crest, very good, $1.00+S&H
Veryan, Patricia - NEVER DOUBT I LOVE, Fawcett Crest,
very good, $2.00+S&H
stamped, very good,  $2.75+S&H
Walker, Elizabeth - THE LOVING SEASONS $1.75+S&H
Walker, Linda - THIEF OF LOVE $1.00+S&H/75¢
Walker, Lois Arvin - RECKLESS HEART $1+S&H/75¢
Walsh, Sheila - THE ARROGANT LORD ALISTAIR, Signet, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Walsh, Sheila - LADY AURELIA'S BEQUEST, Signet,
good, $1.00+S&H
Walsh, Sheila - MINERVA'S MARQUESS, Signet,
stamped, very good,  $1.75+S&H
Walsh, Sheila - THE NOTORIOUS NABOB, Signet, very goodstamped,  $1.80+S&H
Ward, Rebecca - LORD LONGSHANKS, Fawcett, stamped, very good, $1.65+S&H
Ward, Rebecca - MADAM MYSTERY $2.00+S&H
Ward, Rebecca - THE PROMISSORY NOTE, Pagent, stamped, very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Westhaven, Margaret - THE LADY IN QUESTION, Signet FTP, stamped, very good, $2.25+S&H
Wilde, Jennifer (Writing as Edwina Marlow)  - THE MASTER OF PHEONIX HALL  (Gothic) $1.00+S&H
Williams, Claudette - LACEY, Fawcett Crest,
very good/good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Williams, Claudette - LADY MADCAP, Fawcett, stamped, very good, $1.25+S&H/75¢
Williams, Claudette - LADY RUNAWAY, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Williams, Claudette - SWEET DISORDER $1.00+S&H/75¢
Williams, Claudette - SUNDAY'S CHILD, Fawcett Crest Georgian, ft cover corner missing,
stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Willingham, Bess - THE BEDEVILED BARRISTER, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Whitmore, Cilla - MANNER OF A LADY, Candelight #515, stamped, very good,  $1.00+S&H/75¢
Wolf, Joan - FOOL'S MASQUERADE, Signet,
stamped, very good, $1.50+S&H/75¢
Wynn, Patricia - THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT, Fawcett Crest, very good, $1.00+S&H

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