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Historicals that are marked "Historical Regency" may also be found in Regency Section - if any listings are available.

Ames, Laurel - BESIEGED, HAR, very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Anton, Shari - THE CONQUEROR, HAR Knights of the Black Rose, stamped, very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Archer, Catherine - FIRE SONG, HAR MED,
stamped, very good,  $2.00+S&H
Ashley, Anne - LADY KNIGHTLEY'S SECRET, HAR,  stamped, almost like new,  75¢+S&H/50¢
Austin, Cassandra - CALLY AND THE SHERIFF, HAR, stamped, very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Beaumont, Nina - SURRENDER THE HEART, HAR, stamped,
very good,  $1.00+S&H
Belmont, Kathryn - THE FUGITIVE HEART, HAR,
stamped, very good,  $1.00+S&H
Beverely, Jo - THE DEVIL'S HEIRESS, Signet,  stamped, very good $1.50+S&H
Beverley, Jo - FORBIDDEN, Zebra,
stamped, very good/good, $5.00+S&H
Beverley, Jo - FORBIDDEN MAGIC, Topaz, stamped, very good,  $3.50+S&H
Bittner, F. Rosanne - ECSTASY'S CHAINS, Zebra, stamped
, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Blake, Jennifer - ROYAL SEDUCTION, Fawcett Gold Medal, stamped, very good/good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Blake, Vironica - YUKON LOVE SONG, VG, $1.00+S&H
Brown, Debra Lee - ICE MAIDEN, HAR MED, stamped, very good,  was $2.00 now $1+S&H /75¢
Burke, Cinnamon - LADY ROGUE, Liesure, very good, 75¢+S&H
Camp, Deborah - CHEYENNE'S SHADOW, Avon, stamped,
very good,  $1.00+S&H
Clarke, Marion - ENTRANCED, Zebra Lovegram,
very goodstamped,  $2.75+S&H
Cody, Denee - THE COURT OF LOVE, Zebra, stampedvery good,  $2.50+S&H
Cooper, Katy - PRINCE OF HEARTS, HAR Medieval
, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Cornick, Nicola - THE VIRTUOUS CYPRIAN, HAR HIST Regnecy, very good,  $1.00+S&H
Coulter, Catherine - CHANDRA, Signet Scarlet Ribbons, stamped, very good/good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Coulter, Catherine - THE SCOTTISH BRIDE, Jove, aln, was 75¢ now 50¢+S&H/25¢
Daniels, Melanie - THE RIVER QUEEN, very good, $1.25+S&H
Delacroix, Claire - ROARKE'S FOLLY, HAR,  almost like new,  $2.00+S&H

DiCanio, Judy - BELOVED WARRIOR, Lovespell Perfect Heroes, stampedvery good,  $2.75+S&H
Dixon, Dorothy - THE LAVENDER BLOSSOM, Zebra Leather and Lace #1,  very good,  $1.50+S&H

Dixon, Dorothy - LEATHER AND LACE The Belle of the Rio Grande #3, very good, $1.00+S&H
Dixon, Dorothy - THE TREMBLING HEART, Zebra Leather and Lace #2,  very good,  $1.50+S&H

Drymon, Kathleen - TIME'S ANGEL, Zebra,
stamped, very good,  $2.25+S&H
DuBarry, Michele - TOWARD LOVE'S HORIZON, Volume III (3) The Loves of Angela Carlyle, Leisure
, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Edwards, Cassie - SAVAGE MOON, Liesure, very good, 75¢+S&H
Edwards, Cassie - TOUCH OF THE WILD WIND, Leisure, stamped, very good, $1.10+S&H
Gillgannon, Mary - LEOPARD'S LADY, Pinnacle,
stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Graham, Heather - SWEET SAVAGE EDEN, Dell,  stamped, very good,  $1.25+S&H/$1.00
Gwyn, Marion - LOVE COMES UNBIDDEN, Lovespell, very good,  $1.25+S&H
Hale, Deborah - THE ELUSIVE BRIDE, HAR Med,
stamped, very good,  $2.00+S&H
Hale, Deborarh - A GENTLEMAN OF SUBSTANCE, HAR, stamped,
very good,  $1.00+S&H
Hall, Diana - BRANDED HEARTS, HAR, stamped, very good, $2.00+S&H
Hall, Diana - WARRIOR'S DECEPTION, HAR,  stamped, very good,  $1.25+S&H
, very good, $2.00+S&H
Hill, Judith - A KNIGHT'S DESIRE, Zebra, stamped
, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Howell, Hannah - AMBER FLAME, Centurion,  stamped, very good,  was 75¢ now 50¢+S&H/25¢
Ireland, Liz - TROUBLE IN PARADISE, HAR, stamped, very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Johnston, Joan - THE BODYGUARD, Island, very good, was 75¢ now 50¢+S&H/25¢
Lamb, Arnette - BORDER BRIDE, Pocket Star, stamped, very good $1.75+S&H
Lamb, Arnette - BORDER LORD, Pocket,
stamped, very good, was $1 now 75¢+S&H/50¢
Lanagan, Ruth
Lanagan, Ruth - BLACKTHORNE, HAR,
stamped, very good,  $2.00+S&H
Lanagan, Ruth - Malachite, Jewels of Texas, Like New, Harlequin, was $1.50 now $1.00+S&H

Laurens, Stephanie - A SEASON FOR SCANDAL
, very good,  $1.00+S&H
Leigh, Susannah - CHEYENNE STAR, Signet, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Lindsey, Johanna - YOU BELONG TO ME, stamped, very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Llywelyn, Morgan - FINN MACCOOL, TOR (first time in paperback-1st ED), very good, $3.00+S&H/$2.75
McGoldrick, May - THE FIREBRAND, Highland Treasure Trilogy #3, Onyx, very good, $1.00+S&H
Maguire, Margo - HIS LADY FAIR, HAR Med, very good,  was $1 now 75¢+S&H
Maguire, Margo - SCOUNDREL'S DAUGHTER, HAR Victorian,
stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H
Makepeace, Joanna - THE DEVIL'S MARK, HAR, Like New,  75¢+S&H/50¢
Manning, Jackie - A WISH FOR NICHOLAS, HAR,
stamped, very good,  $1.00+S&H
Mayne, Elizabeth - MAN OF THE MIST, HAR,
stamped, very good,  was $1 now 75¢+S&H
Michaels, Theresa - ONCE AN OUTLAW, HAR,
stamped, very good,  $1.00+S&H
Michaels, Theresa - SARAH, HAR The Merry Widows, very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Morgan, Lori - AUTUMN STAR, very good,  $1.00+S&H
Morgan, Melody - ABIDING LOVE, Liesure, very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Morris, Suzanne - KEEPING SECRETS, Zebra, stamped, good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Moore, Margaret - THE BARON'S QUEST, HAR#328, stampedvery good,  $2.50+S&H
Moore, Margaret - THE NORMAN'S HEART, HAR
, stamped, very good, $2.55+S&H
Murray, E. P. - SAVAGE WHISPER, Zebra, stamped, good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Murray, E. P. - WHISPER
ON THE WATER, Zebra, stamped, good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Navin, Jacqueline - THE FLOWER AND THE SWORD, HAR, very good, $1.25+S&H
Navin, Jacqueline - THE SLEEPING BEAUTY,
HAR Victorian, very good,  $1.00+S&H
O'Dell, Tara - THE SAXON'S DAUGHTER, Zebra, very good, $2.00+S&H Overfield, Joan - THE SHADOWING, Lovespell Gothic/Candleglow,  very good, 75¢+S&H
Pattrick, Roslynn - PRINCESS ROYALE $1.00+S&H
Paul, Susan Spencer - BEGUILED, HAR, very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Paul, Susan Spencer - THE CAPTIVE BRIDE, HAR, very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Pellicane, Patricia - NIGHTS OF PASSION, Zebra, stamped,
very good,  $1.00+S&H
Pershall, Mary - A TRIUMPH OF ROSES, Berkley,
stamped, very good,  $2.00+S&H
Pershall, Mary - A TRIUMPH OF ROSES, stamped, very good,  $2.50+S&H
Porter, Cheryl Anne - THE MARRIAGE MASQUERADE, St. Martin's Paperbacks, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Phillips, Tori - FOOL'S PARADISE, HAR, very good, $1.25+S&H
Phillips, Tori - LADY OF THE KNIGHT, HAR, aln, $1.25+S&H
Putney, Mary Jo - ONE PERFECT ROSE, Fawcett Crest,  very good, $1.25+S&H/$1.00
Putney, Mary Jo - THUNDER & ROSES, Topaz,
stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Reavis, Cheryl - THE CAPTIVE HEART
, HAR, stamped, aln, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Rogers, Evelyn - SWEET TEXAS MAGIC, Zebra, stamped
, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Rogers, Marylyle - PROUD HEARTS, Pocket, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Rogers, Rosemary - THE WANTON, Avon, stamped, very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Rogers, Rosemary
- WICKED LOVING LIES, Avon, stamped, good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Schonberg, Susan - THE PHOENIX OF LOVE, HAR, very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Scott, Theresa - FORBIDDEN PASSION, very good,  $1.00+S&H
Seger, Maura - BELOVED ENEMY, Harper, 
stamped, very good,  $1.20+S&H
stamped, very good,  $2.00+S&H
Skinner, Gloria Dale - BEWITCHING $3.00 +S&H
Sommerfield, Sylvie - THE WYOMING HEART, Zebra,
very good $1.50+S&H/$1.00
Steel, Judith - APACHE HEARTBEAT, Zebra Heartfire,  stamped, very good,  75¢+S&H/50¢
Stegman, Michele - FORTUNE'S SON, BMI, very good, 75¢+S&H
Stine, Whitney - JEWEL OF THE KLONDIKE, Knightsbridge Publishing #24,
stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H
St. John, Cheryl - BADLANDS BRIDE, HAR,
stamped, very good,  $1.00+S&H
St. John, Cheryl - SWEET ANNIE
, HAR, stamped, aln, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Thorpe, Sylvia - THE GOLDEN PANTHER, Fawcett Crest
stamped, very good,  $1.00+S&H
Trent, Lynda - RACHEL, HAR,
stamped, very good,  $1.00+S&H
Turner, Judy - FOLLOW THE DRUM, Masquerade #50, stamped, very good, 75¢+S&H/50¢
Waldo, Anna Lee - CIRCLE OF STARS, St. Martins, very good, $1.00+S&H
Winstead, Linda - WEST WIND, Leisure, aln, $1.50+S&H/$1.00
Woodiwiss, Kathleen E. - COME LOVE A STRANGER, Avon, Oversized/yellowing, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H
Yorke, Erin - DEVLIN, HAR,  stamped, very good, $1.25+S&H

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The O'Neil Saga (none at this time)
Jewels of Texas - see Lanagan

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