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If single titles in series, they are no longer listed as series. Only titles I have more than one of are listed under their series (listed after single titles.

Don't forget to check out the TV/Movie page if the book you are looking for
has been made into (or from) a screen or teleplay.

Alcott, Louisa May - A LONG FATAL LOVE CHASE, Dell, aln, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Bickham, Jack M. - MURDER AT OKLAHOMA (OU), Berkely Prime Crime (Mystery), very good, $2.00+S&H
Bradford, Barbara Taylor -
Hold the Dream, Hardbound with dust Jacket, Sequel to A Woman of Substance, Doubleday (book club edition), very good, $5.00+S&H
Cookson, Catherine -
The Black Velvet Gown, Hardbound, Summit, very good, $5.00+S&H
Cussler, Clive - BLUE GOLD,
NUMA Files/Dirk Pitt, Pocket Star, very good, $1.25+S&H
Cussler, Clive - VIXEN O3, Dirk Pitt/NUMA, Bantam, aln, was $2.50 now $2.00+S&H
Dann, Patty
Dunne, Dominick
Edwards, Alexander
Evanovich, Janet - FULL HOUSE, St. Martin, very good, $1.00+S&H
Janet Evanovich - Stephanie Plum
Fein, Ellen & Sherrie Schneider - THE RULES Time-tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right, Warner, very good, $1.50+S&H
Finney, Jack
Fisher, Carrie
Fletcher, Aaron-
Outback Legacy, The Outback Saga, fair, $2.00+S&H
Greeley, Andrew M. (Rev.)
Greeley, Andrew M. - THE BISHOP AND THE BEGGAR GIRL OF ST. GERMAIN, Bishop Blackie Ryan, Forge, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Harris, Charlaine - LAST SCENE ALIVE, Aurora Teagarden Mystery/Worldwide, very good, $2.00+S&H
Innes, Evan - THE GOLDEN WORLD, America 2040, Bantam, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
Jaffe, Rona -
Class Reunion, fair, $1.00+S&H
Jefferson, M. T. - THE VICTORY DANCE MURDER, A Homefront Mystery, Berkley Prime Crime, very good, $1.00+S&H/75¢
King, Stephen -
Hearts in Atlantis, Pocket, very good, was $4.00 now $3.00+S&H
Lee, Stan presents a Marvel Illustrated book in full color (graphic novel/comic style) version of Ian Fleming's 007 James Bond FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, Marvel 1st ED - June 1981,
very good, $1.00+S&H
Le Guin, Ursula K. - MALAFRENA, Berkley, stamped, very good, 75¢+S&H
Linsley, Clyde - DEATH SPIRAL,
A Lee McFarlin Mystery, Worldwide, aln, $2.00+S&H
MacLean, Alistair - THE WAY TO DUSTY DEATH (car racing), Fawcett Crest/1st ED/Sept. 1973, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H
McInerny, Ralph - IRISH TENURE,
University of Notre Dame Mystery, St. Martins Minotaur, stamped, aln, $1.75+S&H/$1.50
O'Kane, Leslie - WHEN THE FAX LADY SINGS, Molly Masters Mystery, Fawcett Crest, very good, $1.00+S&H
Paul, Paula - AN IMPROPER DEATH, A Dr. Alexandra Gladstone Mystery (Victorian), Berkley, very good, was $2.00 now $1.50+S&H
Peters, Elizabeth - DEVIL-MAY-CARE, TOR, stamped, very good $2.00+S&H/$1.50
Porter, Donald Clayton - WHITE INDIAN The Colonization of America Series Book 1, very good, $1.00+S&H
Pruitt, James
Randall, Rona -
Dragonmede, Hardbound, Simon & Schuster, good, $3.00+S&H
Sarabande, William - BEYOND THE SEA OF ICE, The First Americans Book 1, Bantam,
stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H
Smith, Joan - WHY AREN'T THEY SCREAMING?, Fawcett Crest Mystery, stamped, very good, $1.00+S&H
Stewart, Mary - THE LAST ENCHANTMENT, Fawcett Crest, very good, 75¢+S&H


Outback Legacy- see book listings (Fletcher)

Nuala Ann McGrail - Greeley, Andrew M.
Greeley, Andrew M. - IRISH LOVE (Nuala Ann McGrail), aln,  was $2.00 now $1.75+S&H
Greeley, Andrew M. - IRISH MIST, Nuala Anne McGrail - Forge, stamped, very good, was $1.00 now 75¢+S&H
Greeley, Andrew M. - IRISH WHISKEY (Nuala Ann McGrail), aln,  was $2.25 now $2.00+S&H

Stephanie Plum - Janet Evanovich
Two for the Dough - #2, Like New, was $6.00 now $5.75+S&H
Evanovich, Janet - SEVEN UP, St. Martin's Paperback, very good, $2.00+S&H
SEVEN UP - #7,
stamped, very good,  $4.50+S&H
HARD EIGHT - #8, Like New, $8.00+S&H
TO THE NINES - #9 Stephanie Plum, aln, $7.50+S&H
Evanovich, Janet - TEN BIG ONES (Steph Plum #10), aln, $4.00+S&H

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