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Links to Information on Select Lectures Already Presented
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2007 FGS/GSG: Barnstorming with Brainstorming

2007 FGS: Earth, Wind, Fire (and Water)

2007 FGS: Money for Nothing: Making Money with Volunteers

FGS 2007: PR 101

FGS 2007: Publishing for Pennies, Electronically

2007 Wilson Cobb Celebration - What's Online for Genealogists

Genealogy in the Woods Retreat 2007

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FGS 2008: Dress for Success and Your Audience

FGS 2008: Powerpoint: Take the Plunge

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Bentonville, AR 2009: Multi-media Family History Applied to the Classroom

Genealogy on the lake Retreat 2009

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FGS 2010: Basic Product Branding & You

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Oklahoma Genealogy Society Skill Building - Saturday, August 6, 2011

FGS/GSG 2011: PowerPoint Making It Unique But Not Distracting

October 22, 2011 - Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center - Enid, OK:

October, 2011 - Skill Building Retreat, Northeast Oklahoma:

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June 9-10. 2012: Southern California Genealogy Jamboree
Oral History - Theatre of the Mind
Researching the Red Man: Not all War Chiefs and Indian Princesses

September 22, 2012 Free Genealogy Lectures, Baxter Springs, KS

October 22, 2012 - Bentonville Public Library
Northwest Arkansas Genealogical Society
Hunting the Female Ancestor (link to original outline 2011)

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October 2014 Retreat at Indigo Sky, Rural Northeast, OK

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College - Library Edition

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