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Basic Branding - Creating Value Through Identity
GSG Sponsored Lecture
Saturday, August 21, 2010, 5:00-6:00 PM - FGS Session S-446
Material can also be found in the 2010 FGS Syllabus

From becoming known locally for volunteer work, to soliciting international research clients, basic product branding principles can be applied. Make yourself memorable by nearly subliminal advertising – from kooky to classy. Information from definition to doing will be covered.

    I.     Introduction

a.   What is Branding

                                              i.     No need for hot iron and fire.

Ø     Your reputation proceeds you

Ø     Instant recognition

Ø     Viral Networking: those grass roots efforts

Ø     One way to ease repeat relationships

Ø     Create buzz – a true conversation starter

Ø     Become known beyond your expertise

Ø     BE the end all, be all!

                                            ii.     Branding goes beyond “matching” – in today’s world it not only helps identify an item, but can catch and hold consumer’s attention.

                                          iii.     From formal to funky, branding can be accomplished with never ending options and approaches.

b.   What type are you

                                              i.     Are you a perfectionist?

Ø     Work with an all-encompassing theme

                                            ii.     Are you a free spirit?

Ø     Branding can enhance or tone down this quality

                                          iii.     Do you go in for the hard sell?

Ø     Bold plans heighten attention to you

Ø     Soft plans can smooth rough edges

                                         iv.     Is your focus providing information?

Ø     Plans should be subtle - not detracting

c.    What type do you want to be?

                                              i.     Enhance your star qualities

                                            ii.     Reinvent through branding

                                          iii.     Jumping on the bandwagon – POP

                                         iv.     Instant Recognition

                                           v.     Loyalty – repeat customers

                                         vi.     Associate you with _____________ (fill in the blank)


d.   Different hats – different brands?

                                              i.     Big business model – separate and multiply

Ø     Brand/Name each skill separately

Ø     Each brand cultivates it’s own followers

Ø     Brands can be transferred, inherited, or sold for profit

                                            ii.     Brand you in whatever you do

Ø     You are the talent – YOU are the core

Ø     Even if your separate skill sets have different brands, you can be the underlying theme

Ø     Think family business(s)

 II.     Go BIG or go home?

a.   Subliminal vs. In your face

b.   Professional, Informal or kooky?

III.     The “Big Picture” - Examples

a.   Colors

b.   Text (Verdana)font (Times New Roman), font (Aria Script SSi), font (Calligrapher), font (Gecko), font (Batman Forever Alt.), font (A.C.M.E. Secret Agent), font (BeteNoirA), Font (CameoAppearance)!

                                              i.     Readability

                                            ii.     Size counts

                                          iii.     Suitability

Ø     Formal

Ø     Informal

Ø     Multiple Personality?

c.    Tagline - motto – mission statement

d.   Signature

e.   Visuals – theme

                                              i.     Wardrobe

                                            ii.     Accessories

Ø     Personal

Ø     Professional

                                          iii.     Scent

                                         iv.     Employees

f.     Character – don’t be a chameleon

IV.     Printed Material - Examples

a.   Letterhead and stationary

b.   Cards and literature

c.    Paperwork

   V.     Multi-Media - Examples

a.   Overall Theme

                                              i.     Online – website, email, blog, networking, etc.

                                            ii.     Presentation materials – including PP decks

                                          iii.     Audio – include tag

b.   Carry through

c.    Expand

d.   PR

VI.     Summary

a.   Branding carved in stone – pros & cons

b.   It’s a lifestyle

c.    Should you rebrand or not

d.   Does it matter?


Something to think about…

In today’s world, the tradition of brand loyalty is not totally dead. It has become more subliminal, as well as being something that is better earned than expected. If you are in business, you are already working on branding by how you present yourself. The choice of using this as a tool or allowing it to grow organically is yours. Like any tool, it can be used to great advantage, every day or occasionally. It can be flashy or understated. This tool can also be turned against you, if you choose to use it. The choice is yours, but with great power comes great responsibility. Be proud of what you offer clients and what you do. Building brand recognition is another way you show the public that you believe in yourself as well as drive traffic to your door.

This speaker wishes all the best for every endeavor and also welcomes comments. Feel free to contact her by email or USPS at:

PO BOX 505, Wyandotte, OK 74370.

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