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Money For Nothing: Making Money with Volunteers
Also, consider ordering the companion book (click for more information).
Material can also be found on page 37-40 of 2007 FGS Syllabus


I.                  Introduction

a.    Overuse can lead to quick burn out

b.    Under use can lead to no volunteers

c.     Keep them in the loop – ask for general suggestions

d.    Solicit and use input about their specific duties

e.    Deal with issues – don’t stop after listening

f.      Never take for granted!!

g.    Start and keep your volunteer program healthy

                                                             i.      Be organized before soliciting volunteers

                                                          ii.      Produce jobs before finding volunteers

                                                        iii.      Match jobs to volunteers – potluck isn’t always good

                                                        iv.      Never forget these are unpaid staff members

                                                           v.      Begin with existing skills and training

                                                        vi.      Offer support and education always

II.              Publication projects (see VI)

a.    Newsletters and other periodicals

                                                             i.      Internal

·        For membership only

·        Current events, operations, needs

·        General data, unpublished records/text, etc.

·        Used for education and preservation

                                                          ii.      External

·        Designed for non members as well

·        For profit, preservation & education

b.    Research aids

                                                             i.      Finding aids

                                                          ii.      “How to”

c.     Extraction-transcription books

d.    History books

e.    Graphic design

                                                             i.      Stationary items

                                                          ii.      Charts/forms

                                                        iii.      Prints/artwork

                                                        iv.      Publication preparation and marketing items (see VIII)


f.      Websites

                                                             i.      Information

·        About group

·        Information preservation

·        Group communication

                                                          ii.      Community

                                                        iii.      Marketing (see VIII)

III.           Events (see VI, IVbi,  and VIII)

a.    Utilizing volunteers network of resources

b.    Seminar, workshop, lock ins, book or research fair, etc.

                                                             i.      Speakers

                                                          ii.      Staff

                                                        iii.      Exhibitors

                                                        iv.      Organizational movers and shakers

IV.            Underwriting/Sponsoring requests

a.    Money

                                                             i.      Corporate

·        Banks

·        Stores

·        Industry

                                                          ii.      “Individual”

·        Community leaders

·        Organizations

·        Supporters

b.    Materials

                                                             i.      Event items (see III)

·        Meals

·        Snacks/drinks

·        Goodie bags

·        “Kitchen stuff” – cups, napkins, S&P, etc.

·        Printed: name tags, tickets, syllabus/programs, surveys, posters, press kits, etc.

·        Speakers/Exhibitors

                                                          ii.      Collections

·        Donated

·        Loaned

·        For resale


                                                        iii.      Staff/Services

·        Before

a.    Organization

b.    Promotion/Announcements

c.     Registration

·        During

a.    Check in

b.    Hostesses

                                                                                                                                     i.      Attendees

                                                                                                                                  ii.      “Talent”

                                                                                                                                iii.      Exhibitors/vendors

c.     Traffic and information

d.    Etc.

·        After

a.    Acknowledgments (thank you)

b.    Surveys

c.     Reports

                                                        iv.      White Elephants/Door Prizes

·        For resale – direct fundraising

a.    Sale

b.    By “chances”

c.     Give away (for donation)

·        As good will (donators may view as their marketing)

V.                Grant writing

                                                             i.      Seeking

                                                          ii.      Researching

                                                        iii.      Writing

                                                        iv.      Administering

VI.            Goodwill and networking: Building working relationships

a.    Other Organizations

b.    Neighbors

c.     Employees

d.    Volunteers

e.    Membership

f.      Promotion…

VII.         Drives

a.    Materials acquisition

b.    Recycling for profit

                                                             i.      Primary such as sales of duplicates

                                                          ii.      Secondary such as sales of Aluminum

c.     Membership

                                                             i.      Yield more volunteers

                                                          ii.      Larger/wider network for resources

VIII.     Marketing – Promotion

a.    Contacts

b.    Fact gathering and dispersal

c.     Brainstorming

d.    Writing (see also II)

e.    Delivering

                                                             i.      By hand

                                                          ii.      USPS

                                                        iii.      Telephone

                                                        iv.      FAX

f.      Internet

                                                             i.      World wide web

                                                          ii.      Email

                                                        iii.      Usenet

g.    Newsletter

IX.            Conclusion: An organization can do so much more for its community if it properly utilizes it’ volunteer workforce. An hour lecture can not begin to scratch the surface of all that goes into a strong and successful program. It is this speaker’s hope that it will help in forming the skill and mindset of members as they work toward the best volunteer program they can produce.

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Resources for this presentation included more than a decade of practice and observation as well as assorted texts and articles on the subjects of volunteerism and employment. For personal research into this subject, begin by observation: what seems to work, what doesn’t and why. Look beyond your group into schools, churches, and other not-for-profits (charities). Don’t limit your views to today, but realize what worked in the past may not work with today’s volunteer. Conduct internet searches for current articles and texts, but never forget to consult your local reference librarian as well. This speaker wishes all the best for every volunteer program and also welcomes comments. Feel free to contact her by email...

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