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PR 101

Material can also be found on page 37-40 of 2007 FGS Syllabus


II.              Setting promotion goals

a.    Pitch (see III)

b.    Target audience(s) (see IIIa)

c.     Methods

d.    Use any notes in planning and organization

                                                             i.      Use previous if available

                                                          ii.      Don’t forget to make your own

                                                        iii.      Keep notes for future use

e.    Assign duties (if group) or schedule calendar


o       Types of PR to complete  (use separate paper for list)

o       assignments (use separate paper for list)

o       research: who to send it to and in what format (use separate paper for list)

o       date to complete PR ________________________

o       date to send PR __________________________

o       verify delivery/receipt

o       follow up

o       Check with volunteers about future wishes  (make separate checklist): for each volunteer would they like to continue with report, next round of PR, new event, etc.

III.           Preparing your pitch

a.    5 W’s

                                                             i.      Who

                                                          ii.      What

                                                        iii.      Where

                                                        iv.      When

                                                           v.      Why

                                                        vi.      How – if not covered above

b.    Keep It Short Sweetie – help the editor:


The Local County Genealogical Society met at the local town public library in the town, state. The speaker for the Local County Genealogical Society monthly meeting was Ima Lecturer… (181 characters/29 words)




The Local County Genealogical Society met at the library in town. Ima Lecturer gave the program for their monthly meeting… (121 characters/20 words)


c.     Contact information: Use as much information as possible while not giving contacts that are not preferred. For instance, if the group doesn’t maintain an office, but has provided mailing and email addresses, personal phone numbers need not be provided in the release. Note: PR provider phone number should still be used in the PR cover letter/email preface.

d.    Software selection to scale (Microsoft Office examples)

                                                             i.      Wordpad for straight composition

                                                          ii.      Word for “mail” merge

                                                        iii.      Publisher for easy graphic design

                                                        iv.      FrontPage for websites

                                                           v.      Access or Excel for press kits

                                                        vi.      Etc.

e.    Graphic design/theme/name brand recognition

                                                             i.      Plain text is expected for press releases

                                                          ii.      Flyers and posters need “oomph”

                                                        iii.      Use logos, colors, and themes if you have them

IV.            Press release

a.    Adapting pitch to outlets

                                                             i.      Local

                                                          ii.      Regional

                                                        iii.      National

                                                        iv.      Historical

                                                           v.      Genealogical

b.    Who to send it to

                                                             i.      Media

o       Newspapers

o       Radio

o       TV

                                                          ii.      Internet

o       Periodicals

o       Bulletin Boards

o       Classifieds

o       Calendars

o       Bogs

o       Etc.

                                                        iii.      Organizations

c.     How to send it

                                                             i.      By hand

                                                          ii.      Mail

                                                        iii.      FAX

                                                        iv.      Email

d.    Should answer “Why should I care?” for the reader

e.    Additional basic elements

                                                             i.      Headline

                                                          ii.      Hook – attention grabbing first sentence

                                                        iii.      Caption for any photo/illustration/figure

V.                Events:

a.    Work to promote

                                                             i.      Press Release(s)

                                                          ii.      Postings (calendar, Usenet, enlist, bulletin boards)

                                                        iii.      Brochures/flyers/handbills (post and mailing list)

                                                        iv.      Posters

b.    As promotion tool

                                                             i.      Networking

                                                          ii.      Membership Recruitment and Enjoyment

                                                        iii.      Education

                                                        iv.      Preservation

VI.            Other options

a.    Direct mailing

b.    Paid advertising

c.     Website

d.    Networking

VII.         Continue to network and integrate (conclusion)

a.    Network, Network, Network

b.    Integrate PR into all facets

c.     Recognize PR accomplishment

d.    Realize PR is not self-sustaining

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Sources and Resources

Resources for this presentation included more than a decade of practice and observation as well as assorted texts and articles. Don’t limit your research into good press relations to books about PR. English reference; writing and journalism are often overlooked. Many volunteers don’t consider looking toward marketing for helpful information. In today’s fast paced society, unless you use your library regularly, it is overlooked as a resource – including the reference librarian. Below are basic Dewey decimal areas to search as well as some resources I found this year on my local library shelves.

070 – News Media, Journalism and Publishing

650 - Management and Auxiliary services

770 - Photography and Photographs

810 - Literature and Rhetoric

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Beckwith, Harry, Selling The Invisible A Field Guide to Modern Marketing, Warner Books, New York, NY, 1997.

Cassara, Lou, From Selling to Serving The Sessence of Client Creation, Dearborn Trade Publishing, 2004, Chicago, IL.

Gross, T. Scott, Outrageous! Unforgettable Service… Guilt-Free Selling, Amacom, New York, NY, 1998.

Lant, Dr. Jeffery, Cash Copy, JLA Publications, Cambridge, MA, 1989.

McKinney, Don, Magazine Writing That Sells, Writer’s Digest Books, Cincinnati, OH, 1994.

Stott, Bill, Write To The Point And Feel Better About Your Writing, Anchor Press/Doubleday, Garden City, NY, 1984.

This speaker wishes all the best for every promotional program and also welcomes comments. Feel free to contact her by email...

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