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Back to the Basics Retreat
Hosted by GCI
 Sunday, October 29, 2011, Cave Springs, Rural OK

More than a one trick pony! Look beyond lectures to digital scrapbooks, documentaries, memorials, and more. Discussion of specific applications follows a brief overview of several types of decks.


    I.    Introduction

  II.    Actual types of decks

a.   Chalk Board/Flip Chart Substitute

b.   21st Century Overhead or Slide Presentation

c.    Silent Self Run

d.   Narrated Self Run

III.    Application of decks

a.   Basic – AV assist

b.   Scrapbook

c.    Kiosk Presentation (think museum, fair/show, etc.)

d.   Event Presentation

                                   i.    Memorial

                                  ii.    Anniversary

                                iii.    Birthday

                                iv.    Reunion

                                 v.    Waiting room

                                vi.    Commercial Slides

                               vii.    Bonus or “Filler”

e.   Commercials fit for broadcast

f.    History: documentary, accounts, reconstruction, etc.

g.   Screen Saver

IV.    Summary

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