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Making your Hobby Pay

Back to the Basics Retreat
Hosted by GCI
 Saturday, October 28, 2011, Cave Springs, Rural OK

The skills used in successful family history research provide a strong core knowledge base and skill set that can be used in a variety of ways for profit. Tips and ideas of where to start (or branch out) will be covered.


    I.    Introduction

  II.    Defining your skill set

a.   Researchers can…

                                   i.    Research

                                  ii.    Record

                                iii.    Write

                                iv.    Organize

b.   Genealogists can…

                                   i.    Do family research

                                  ii.    Identify needs for sources

                                iii.    Work with others

c.    Other hobbyist does…

                                   i.    Scrapbook

1.   Stamping

2.   Designing

3.   Calligraphy

4.   Photography

                                  ii.    Quilt

                                iii.    Photography

                                iv.    Use Tech

III.    Basic ideas

a.   For Hire

                                   i.    Records look up (genealogy, law, etc.)

                                  ii.    Genealogy Professional

                                iii.    Organize - from files or home

                                iv.    Editor

                                 v.    Blogger or other social networker

                                vi.    Data entry/typist (transcriptionist, medical coder, etc.)

b.   Books/Publications

                                   i.    Index

                                  ii.    Transcription

                                iii.    Extraction

                                iv.    Ready Reference (how to)/Finding Aid

                                 v.    History

                                vi.    Genealogy

                               vii.    Periodicals

                             viii.    Calendar

                                ix.    Websites

c.    Education

                                   i.    Lecture

                                  ii.    Teach/Tudor skills

                                iii.    Articles

d.   Beyond

                                   i.    One of a kind cards (any occasion or type)

                                  ii.    Scrapbook “ghost writing”

                                iii.    File Preservation

                                iv.    Graphic Artist

                                 v.    Photo Restoration/Preservation

                                vi.    Digitization

                               vii.    Photography

1.   Stock

2.   Commissioned

3.   To accompany articles, web content, etc.

4.   As art or repurposing

                             viii.    Cartoonist

                                ix.    Event Planner

                                 x.    Paper making

                                xi.    Marbling paper

                               xii.    Hand lettering (engraving)

1.   Formal Invitations, place cards, etc.

2.   Signs

                             xiii.    Making items to sell

1.   Forms

2.   Art or Photographic prints

3.   Book marks and other stationary

   IV.    Summary

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