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Very submissive - Wereleopard
Jared Leto
(My So Called Life, Dallas Buyers Club, etc.)

"His hair was longer than Stephen's. Waist length, I was betting...It was the darkest of auburns, almost brown but not. It was a rich, deep mahogany...thick and shining...He was pretty rather than handsome, and couldn't have been more than five foot six. The hair helped the illusion of femininity. But his shoulders were disproportionately broad...His face was slender, jaw too smooth..." - Burnt Offerings, page 24

"...eyes weren't just dull with illness. I (Anita) realized they were dull with experience. It went beyond jaded, as if Nathaniel had looked into the lower rungs of hell." - Burnt Offerings, page 269

"...eyes the pale purple of Easter grass...nineteen." - Blue Moon, page 25

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Age Note:  There are a great range of ages in these pages.  I've cast my current favorite actor for each roll (sometimes regardless of age or if even currently alive).  Several of these choices couldn't be cast in the same movie because of this, but  these are "dream" casts, right?

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