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Day bartender at Dead Dave's - human
Charles S. Dutton
(Aliens, Longmire, etc.)

"Luther is large, nay, fat. There is no other word for it, but it is hard fat, rock-solid, almost a kind of muscle. His hands are huge-knuckled and as big as my (Anita) face...very dark black man, nearly purplish black, like mahogany. The creamy chocolate of his eyes is yellow-edged from too much cigarette smoke...He is overweight, chain-smokes, and the gray in his hair marks him as over fifty, yet he's never sick..." - Guilty Pleasures, pages 119-120

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Guilty Pleasures
The Laughing Corpse
Circus of the Damned
The Lunatic Cafe
Bloody Bones
The Killing Dance
Burnt Offerings
Blue Moon
Obsidian Butterfly
Narcissus in Chains

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Age Note:  There are a great range of ages in these pages.  I've cast my current favorite actor for each roll (sometimes regardless of age or if even currently alive).  Several of these choices couldn't be cast in the same movie because of this, but  these are "dream" casts, right?

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