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Lawrence "Larry" Kirkland

Animator in Training (first few books) - Assumed Human
Erik Knudsen
(Continuum, etc.)

We meet Larry...
"He would be powerful, but he was young. His magic tasted untried, undisciplined. If he wasn't under twenty-one, I'd eat my hat...He was short, maybe an inch or two taller than me, which made him five-four at best."
- Circus of the Damned, page 147

"His short curly hair was a red so bright it was nearly orange. His eyes were blue and soft as a spring sky...Larry Kirkland had that milk-pale complexion of some redheads. A thick sprinkling of golden freckles completed the look. He looked like an overgrown Howdy Doody puppet. I mean that in a cute way." - Circus of the Damned, page 154

"Stop calling me Lawrence. The name's Larry."
Jean-Claude sighed. "You have trained him well."
"He came that way," I said.
- Bloody Bones, page 206

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Guilty Pleasures
The Laughing Corpse
Circus of the Damned
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Age Note:  There are a great range of ages in these pages.  I've cast my current favorite actor for each roll (sometimes regardless of age or if even currently alive).  Several of these choices couldn't be cast in the same movie because of this, but  these are "dream" casts, right?

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