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Anita Blake - Vampire Hunter
Dream Movie Casting Pages: Laurell K. Hamilton

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Burnt Offerings

(In order of appearance)

Captain Pete McKinnon - Ed Harris
Anita Blake - Adelaide Kane
Mary, Animators Inc. Day Secretary - Diane Wiest
Lawrence "Larry" Kirkland - Erik Knudsen
Zane - Adam Lambert
Nathaniel - Jared Leto
Stephen - Robbie Amnell
Irving Griswold - Kelly Connell
"Dolph" Storr - Jon Voight
Kevin - Taking Suggestions
Lorraine - Rebecca Gayhart
Teddy - Taking Suggestions
Jean-Claude - Torrance Coombs
Yvette - Amanda Tapping
Balthasar - Alexander Siddig
Asher - Paul Wesley
Liv - Nicholle Tom
Willie McCoy - Steve Buscemi
The Traveler - A character that doesn't need a actor/actress
Hannah - Daryl Hannah
Fernando - Taking Suggestions
Padma - Chow Yun-Fat
Elizabeth - Sherilynn Fenn
Vivian - Jada Pinkett-Smith
Warrick - Hugo Weaving
Jason Schuyler - Ian Somerhalder
Rafael - Jimmy Smits
Sylvie Barker - Terry Ferrell
Lillian - Rita Moreno
Gwen - Liv Tyler
Clive Perry - Sheemar Moore
Harry - Jason Carter
Zerbrowski - Jeremy Piven
Vicki Pierce - Sarah Jessica Parker
Cherry - Charlize Theron
Richard Abiric Zeeman - Matt Bomer
Captain Thomas Carswell - Don Johnson
Gideon - Kevin Bacon
Gregory - Robbie Amnell
Louis "Louie" Fane - Alan Tudyk
Veronica "Ronnie" Sims - Francesca Hunt
Padgett - taking suggestions
Detective Tammy Reynolds - Amanda Peet
Capt. Fullerton & Corp. Tucker - taking suggestions
Lt. Wren - Casper Van Dien
Caroline - taking suggestions

The place (Burnt Offerings) was pure schlock. Some of the waiters were real vamps, but others were just wannabes...The place was always packed. I wasn't sure whether Jean-Claude was sorry he hadn't thought of it first or if he was simply embarrassed by it. it was a little declasse for him...You haven't lived until you've been there on a Friday for Scary Karaoke... - pages 162-163

"You think Damian's dead," I (Anita) said.
"I know he is dead." He (Jean-Claude) stared down at me. "Whether it is permanent, that is the question."
"Dead is dead," I said.
He laughed then and hugged me to him. "Oh, ma petite, you above all should know that is not true."

page 120

We pulled into the driveway of my (Anita) rented house with two wounded wereleopards, two unwounded wereleopards, two very silent werewolves, a partridge in a pear tree, and enough equipment...

page 215

Don't ever say Anita Blake books aren't funny!

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Age Note:  There are a great range of ages in these pages.  I've cast my current favorite actor for each roll (sometimes regardless of age or if even currently alive).  Several of these choices couldn't be cast in the same movie because of this, but  these are "dream" casts, right?

The Anita Blake Universe was created by Laurell K. Hamilton and everything about it is copyrighted - Direct Quotations are referenced - no infringement intended on these fan pages.

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