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Anita Blake - Vampire Hunter
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Bloody Bones

(in order of appearance)

Anita Blake - Adelaide Kane
Bert - Mike Ditka
Richard Abiric Zeeman - Matt Bomer
Lionel Bayard - Wil Wheaton
Lawrence "Larry" Kirkland - Erik Knudsen
Raymond Stirling - Pierce Brosnan
Ms. Harrison - Tammy Faye Bakker
Beau - Gary Sinise
"Dolph" Storr (by phone) - Jon Voight
Sergeant Freemont - Sherry Stringfield
Magnus Bouvier - Orlando Bloom
Earl and woman at BB - Ron Perlman and Jewel Staite
Dorcus "Dorrie" Bouvier - Rachel Leigh Cook
Zach Coltrain - taking suggestions
Beth St. John - Jennifer Tilly
David St. John - William H. Macy
Ellie Quinlan - Shiri Appelby
Jeffery, Sally and Jeff Quinlan - Peter Galigher, Sean Young & Frankie Muniz
Officers Wallace and Granger - Taking Suggestions
Andy - Taking Suggestions
Bettina & Pallas - Vanessa L. Williams & Tiffani-Amber Thiessen

Ivy - Taking Suggestions
Xavier - Richard O'Brien
Special Agents Bradley Bradford and Elwood - Taking Suggestions
Jean-Claude - Torrance Coombs
Jason - Ian Somerhalder
Bruce - Kyle Downes
Janos - James Woods
Lisa and brown haired girl - Reese Witherspoon & Nicole de Boer
Kissa - Robin Givens
Serephina - Frances Sternhagen
Anias Bouvier - Taking Suggestions
Rawhead and Bloody Bones - (Computer Generated?) Taking Suggestions

"Bloody Bones? What kind of name is that for a restaurant?" Larry asked.
I shrugged. "It doesn't exactly say bon appetit."
Bloody Bones, page 24

"Bloody Bones is as strange name for a bar and grill."
"Maybe they serve ribs," I said.
Bloody Bones, page 60

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Age Note:  There are a great range of ages in these pages.  I've cast my current favorite actor for each roll (sometimes regardless of age or if even currently alive).  Several of these choices couldn't be cast in the same movie because of this, but  these are "dream" casts, right?

The Anita Blake Universe was created by Laurell K. Hamilton and everything about it is copyrighted - Direct Quotations are referenced - no infringement intended on these fan pages.

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