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Wyandotte Class of 1988
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That was then...

Class Colors
Peach and Mint Green

Class Flower

Class Motto
What appears to be the end, really may be a new beginning.

Class Officers
President - Steven Spencer
Vice-President - Jerry Burleson
Treasurer - Stephanie Edens
Secretary - Shari Ball
Reporter - Amy Clouse
Student Council Rep. - Lisa Heatherly and Rhonda Enyart

Class Sponsors
Nella Young and Frankie Sue Johnson

May 13, 1988 at Brewster Field

Jerry Burleson

Kathy Balls

Class Roll - from commencement program

Senior Prom
April 23, 1988
NEO Ballroom
Theme/Song: Is This Love

Junior Prom
April, 1987
NEO Ballroom
Song: Never Say Goodbye

School Colors
Black and White

Mr. Joe Lippe

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